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A mostly street art tour of Antwerp

When I was planning my recent trip to Belgium, I was trying to determine if I was going to go to Antwerp or not. When I was a teenager I went there and did not enjoy my time there at all. However, as I was planning my trip, I came across something that basically gaveContinue reading “A mostly street art tour of Antwerp”

Paris Street Art

Paris – City of the Invader? A couple of weeks prior to going to Paris, I was in New York City and was lucky enough to come across a couple of Invaders while I was there. While I had a couple of Invaders on my list of things to see while I was in Paris,Continue reading “Paris Street Art”

10 Best Things To Do In Paris

Every time I head to Paris, I look for new and different things to do since I have been here so many times. Sometimes, you just must do the tried and true items that this amazing city has to offer. I have compiled a list with some of my favorites and you can choose whatContinue reading “10 Best Things To Do In Paris”

Paris Street Art in La Butte-aux-Cailles

When I started planning my trip to Paris, all roads lead to the hilltop village of La Butte-aux-Cailles (English translation; Quails Hill). I was looking for a place that I could go in Paris that exhibited local Parisian / French street art and it does not get any more local than the pieces I cameContinue reading “Paris Street Art in La Butte-aux-Cailles”

10 Things You Can Do to Save Up for Your Dream Vacation

Are you saving up for your first trip aboard, your 10th or an extra special one that has been on that bucket list since you were a little kid? Below are some things you can do to save up for that dream vacation. These are things that I have done in the past and manyContinue reading “10 Things You Can Do to Save Up for Your Dream Vacation”

How Do You Travel Safely Abroad?

How do you travel safely abroad? This is a question I hear constantly from friends and family and with recent events (4 tourists being kidnapped in West Africa) I know it puts even more people on edge. Here are some pointers that will assist: Make sure family and/or friends know your itinerary and check inContinue reading “How Do You Travel Safely Abroad?”